401 Short Fuse

Current Team
Dames, Druid City Derby

Derby NAme

Short Fuse


Fuse (for short)

Significance of Name or Number?

401 is the area code of where I grew up – the Biggest Little State in the Union.

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?


What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

Roller derby has been a great source of stress relief for me, and there’s also this amazing opportunity to share this wonderful sport with an incredibly diverse group of women working to empower each other.

Short Bio

I grew up in Rhode Island, and came to Tuscaloosa for my undergraduate studies. Since 2012, I’ve graduated with my BS in Physics, met and married my husband, adopted two sweet cats, and started working towards my PhD.

Favorite Food?

Korean barbecue (it’s such a cool experience!).

Favorite Song

There’s so many to choose from, so here’s my favorite genre: 90s/00s alt rock.


Roller derby (duh), reading, painting, sour candies, snuggling my cats, snow.


Rain, the inability of Alabama weather to stick to one season at a time, licorice.

Final Thoughts

Finding roller derby has done a lot for me in terms of my fitness, self-confidence, and overall attitude. I’m so glad I went to recruitment night!