8 Kale Force Wynn

Current Team
Druid City Dames
February 6, 1000

Derby NAme

Kale Force Wynn



Significance of Name or Number?

Mama always said to eat your veggies! Kale gives me a methane-fueled boost that propels me around the track while simultaneously wilting my opponents. Look out! A fresh gale is an 8 on the Beaufort wind force scale.

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?

November 2015

What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

That anything goes! Being on this team is so liberating! Such an inclusive group of people, these Dames. I love the camaraderie. And we get a fantastic workout at practices too.

Short Bio

I’m from Huntsville. Left the south screaming after college – needed to see other things to get some perspective. Learned how indifferent the world can be and how important it is to respect yourself. Came back to Bama and am ready to crack some sculls. 🙂

Favorite Food?


Favorite Song

Methane Crescendo


Riding my bike. Taking rambling walks. Bird watching. Laughing. Breaking up the routine sporadically.



Final Thoughts



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