GoGo Fett

Current Team
Druid City Derby

Derby NAme

GoGo Fett


GoGo or Johnny

Significance of Name or Number?

I am, unfortunately, a very indecisive person…I like everything! So my name comes from my love of Star Wars and the badassness of the Mandalorians. My number comes from my love of Star Trek, since 2063 is the year that earth makes first contact.

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?

February 2017

What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

I like challenging myself to learn knew skills every practice and love having a family that supports you all the way. I couldn’t pull off half this stuff without my team!!

Short Bio

A wandering geek growing up, I came to Tuscaloosa for college. Star trek, my true love, always put strong women in science and engineering fields. So I followed in their footsteps (in the name of science) and pursued my degrees in civil and environmental engineering. Afterwards, I stayed around and finally found my new home. I spend the non-working part of my days with my pup Kaia, reading science fiction novels and hanging with friends. And of course roller derby!

Favorite Food?

Mmmm…cinnamon rolls! Nope, mango!? Wait, I choose…sushi!

Favorite Song

Currently? “History Maker” by Caleb Hyles


Cooking, Star Trek, Star Wars, Being outside, my pup Kaia


Gloomy days

Final Thoughts