221B Glamazon Prime

Current Team
Druid City Dames

Derby NAme

Glamazon Prime



Significance of Name or Number?

221b is Sherlock Holmes house number on Baker street

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?

August of 2017

What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

It challenges me and pushes me outside my comfort zone and I love that!

Short Bio

I’ve always been athletic, playing softball for most of my youth, and I found myself very out of shape in my early 20’s. My fitness journey led me first to running and then to Spartan obstacle course races, then to CrossFit and eventually to Roller Derby. I’ve made it a point to do things that scare and challenge me just to prove to myself that I can.

Favorite Food?

Anything Mexican!


My dogs, Halloween, cosplay, nerdy things, the gym, soft blankets, Wonder Woman, sleeping in, iced coffee, movies, my dad


Being cold, anything raspberry flavored, having to get up early, cleaning my house, being sick, bugs

Final Thoughts

Do the things that scare you, it’s only then that you’ll know what you’re made of