23 D-Maineac

Current Team
Dames, Druid City Derby

Derby NAme




Significance of Name or Number?

I’ve always been 13 in all my sports growing up. If that was taken I always went with 23

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?

I started roller derby after in February (2017) at the Valentine recruitment night.

What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

For me roller derby has served a purpose of having a sense of belonging again. I needed something competitive and something to get my athletic juices flowing! Best yet-the family of ladies I have met is so comforting and I look forward to all the friendships I have and will build.

Short Bio

I was born and raised in Poland Springs, Maine and lived there for most my years. I moved about 4 1/2 years ago to be with my now to be husband, and high school sweetheart. I sincerely care about relationships around me and being as true as I can for quality time with people I love. I want to make an impact to all those I meet. I’m competitive and will do whatever I need to for my family, including my derby family.

Favorite Food?

Homemade Alfredo and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Favorite Song

Anything that can make me dance and sing I Love! It’s hard to not move once music comes on!


Sports, Bowling, Dancing, Baking, Crafts, Bonfires and my pup!


Vegetables, Beer (Yes I said it), Bugs, and being so far from my family.

Final Thoughts

Thank you Dutchess of Painbridge for believing in me and pushing me to try roller derby. With my competitive spirit this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Derby is so different then anything I’ve ever done, and makes me hungry to be better and compete, while gaining some strong women relationships close to heart! Thankful for Druid City Dames!