23 D-Maineac

Derby NAme




Significance of Name or Number?

I’ve always been 13 in all my sports growing up. If that was taken I always went with 23

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?

3 years ago, my now great friend and derby wife, Dutchass of Painbridge, recruited me to come to the Valentines Recruitment.

What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

My love for COMPETITIVE sports as I became an adult became more limited, and the rec leagues for co-ed softball and such just were not cutting it. It was to slow paced for me and I had a hard time having to just “have fun” and not get to competitive :P. Derby is competitive, full contact, and focuses on strength, agility, and cardio. I LOVE that and having people from all different backgrounds come together as a unit is a beautiful thing.

Short Bio

I grew up and spent my first 21 years in Maine and moved to Tuscaloosa in 2012 to be with my high school sweetheart. I’ve always been crazy competitive and in many sports growing up, which helped with the development of my derby name. Maniac came to mind, but due to living in “Maine” all my life up till then, I wanted to touch back on my roots and spell Maniac with “Maine” and my nickname D= D-Maineac, the crazy Mainer that now has rooted herself in the south!

Favorite Food?

My husbands homemade alfredo and homemade choc chip cookies!

Favorite Song

Always changing- but love anything with a good beat as I love to dance.


Family, loyalty, Derby, cooking/baking, crafts, the outdoors, campfires, and sweets.


MOTHS and most every bug!

Final Thoughts

Find yourself a derby team and if there is not one locally, just find something that brings you a loving community or something you love!