9 Check Meowt

Current Team
Dames, Druid City Derby

Derby NAme

Check Meowt


Kitty or Meow

Significance of Name or Number?

I love all things feline related, including their 9 lives!

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?


What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

The camaraderie of the players and the thrill of the game!

Short Bio

I am a hairstylist that was born and raised in Tuscaloosa! Cheerleading from middle school through college was the only sport I ever participated in so joining Druid City Derby (and sticking with it) came as a shock to everyone including myself!

Favorite Food?

chocolate and cheese

Favorite Song

Watch Over Me – Hanson


Other than roller derby? Cats (all animals, to be honest), arts and crafts, and music!


Food allergies, rude dogs, germs, stinky roller derby gear

Final Thoughts