Bruce Pain

Current Team
Druid City Derby

Derby NAme

Bruce Pain



Significance of Name or Number?

Inspiration and Life goals

When Did you start playing Roller Derby?

August 2018

What do you like the most about Roller Derby?

The close knit community of friends.

Short Bio

My beautiful, strong and courageous wife sucked me into the world of derby. We share this as our favorite past time in between my full time job as a chef and owners of three crazy dogs and a cat that thinks he’s a dog.

Favorite Food?


Favorite Song

“Thug Love” by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Fetta, New food, puppies, skating of my kind, and by puppies I mean pretty much every dog I see.


People who haven’t worked in the service industry , water chestnuts, coconut, curry, and coconut curry

Final Thoughts

So happy to be a part of the one and only Druid city dames!!!